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“Thanks Coach Richie. He really enjoyed himself and it was such an important and culturally enriching experience for him. All the guys on the team were outstanding young men. I know he will want to participate again in the future.  So, thanks for extending the invitation and for coordinating such an important educational program for US collegiate and HS athletes. Excellent program. Again, thank you for everything. I have only the highest praise for the program.”  ~Sherri Benn

“Thank you Coach for everything. I mean it from the bottom of my heart. You’re a great person for what you’re doing for these young men. Much respect to you. Thank you.”  ~Adam Terrazas

“We had a great time! Thank you for making it a great trip. We really appreciate everything! It was awesome how the team played so well together within days.”  ~Stephanie Acuña

“He said he had so much fun. I hope he goes again next year, but on the other one!!”  ~Candace Evans

“Thank you for everything. What a wonderful and blessed experience! We are all so thankful to be a part so thank you again for including us! Blessings to you and thanks again.”  ~LynnMarie Hinerman

“Thanks for taking care of Jaden and introducing him to international play. He has not stopped smiling and talking about the trip. Thanks for all you do. This is an amazing thing you are doing for these kids. It changed Hesro’s life.”  ~Hesro Johnson

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